Cognitive Response to Poetry in 11-16 year olds - Educational Review

To speak of ‘cognitive response’ to poetry would seem to make an unreal distinction between a sensitive ‘felt’ interaction with text and something detached and intellectual in character.  Certainly, theory and research in the area of ‘response’ reveal a far more complex situation.  As in other areas of scientific enquiry, however, to isolate or delimit an aspect of a complex whole can sometimes be productive. In this study I investigate to what extent, and in what ways, children grasp the meanings that might give rise to their feelings.

The Structure of feeling - English in Education

In this article an attempt is made to be specific about the nature of the ‘complexity’ that writers of narrative in Secondary schools may control and to suggest how this may throw some light on the matter of the affective development in children during these years.  The analyses of children’s writing undertaken illustrate important developments in the ability of the young writers to use the resources offered by narrative to handle its possibilities in complex ways.  The tools of analysis suggested by the work of narrative theorists have allowed specific developments in strategy to be identified and have given some new insights into the writers’ ability to engage with the emotional, interpersonal and imaginative aspects of human existence.