John Wallace-Jones is a Writer & Director of plays for children.  He currently works at Riddlesworth Hall School Preparatory School, where he coaches children in interpretive and performance skills.

John's aim is to build confidence and to give children a love of performance.  The children all take their examinations with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.  Each year, children achieve valuable Drama Scholarships to Senior Independent Schools.

John gives private tutoring to those children wishing to perfect their skills in solo acting, reading for performance, the speaking of verse & prose, duologue, musical theatre and devisting drama.

John writes stories for Children and has read these at  ‘Book Weeks’ in  schools.   He is available to contribute to ‘Book Weeks’ in Norfolk and Suffolk. He reads his own and other authors’ work.  Fees will be quoted on request.

John has had a long teaching career during which, he's taught predominantly, English and Drama.  This has brought a deep understanding of what children enjoy in books – a love, too, for working with children to encourage their creativity.

As a skilled actor and opera singer John has had many years of experience working on both sides of the stage, from the writer & director to the actor & performer and therefore has a greater understanding of how a successful play needs to written to be performed well.

As a well travelled man, John's life experiences offer much more meaning and depth to his work as a writer, director and performer.