John has long experience as a director of plays with children.  His experience ranges from small studio productions to large scale fully costumed and staged musicals.

John DirectingJohn worked in a Kent Secondary School as a young man and there directed work, based on improvisation, which was  later scripted as well as on more conventional plays. They entered a number of Drama festivals  and competitions where they were commended for the quality of their performances.

Later John moved to Norfolk as a teacher of English and Drama and continued his involvement in directing.  For a short time he also worked as the leader of a childrens’ studio group at the Theatre Royal in Norwich.

At John's school in Norfolk, he continued to work on improvised theatre, added mime to his repertoire and directed a number of school productions

Later still, he began to write his own material and direct it – an exhilarating and challenging experience.

There then followed a gap of around twenty years as his role in Education changed to that of a course leader at A level and then the Head of Teacher training at a large Comprehensive school.  So therefore there was no longer any space in his life for for stage work.

Now, as a freelance teacher, John can once again write and direct plays – at present in Riddlesworth Hall School. In a sense, he has returned to doing what he loves most – helping children to experience the wonder of dramatic art.