About Me

John began teaching in Kent in the Primary Sector, but quickly changed to the Secondary Sector where he could concentrate on what he loved most – enthusing children about books and writing.  He soon became involved in Drama teaching and play production, which gave him another context within which he could promote interest in text and how it could be taken off the printed page and brought to new life.  

John taught both GCSE and A level, always achieving excellent results.  He also led an A level English Language course, teaching students about Language change, Language acquisition, Accent and Dialect, Grammar, Semantics and textual analysis.

John has held responsible positions for most of his career and has led initiatives in catering for Gifted Children, in the creative use of talk in the classroom, and in the Mentoring of Student Teachers. He has also been the Head of a school Teacher Training programme, liaising with The University nearby and giving some lectures there.

John has acted as an examiner both at Key Stage Three and at GCSE, working with two different national exam boards. He qualified as a Teacher at Christ Church College, Canterbury before moving to East Anglia where he later studied for an Advanced Certificate in Education, followed by a Master’s degree in Education. This was a research centred degree.  As a result of this work, John published two academic papers centred on children’s  thinking about poetry and about their creative writing. These papers, originally published in ‘Educational Review’ and ‘English in Education’ are available on the internet, but are also accessible from this website. John has also given papers at two international conferences.

John has had a long involvement with singing both in the context of choirs and within amateur Opera.  He has been able to contribute both as a chorus member and as a soloist.   John has also had a very successful period as Chairman of an amateur Opera Company and continues to be involved in both acting and singing.

Afterword: John was able recently to work as a pottery assistant to his wife on an archaeological dig near the Red Sea. This was fascinating in itself, but gave John as well, some of the plot for a play called ‘Wonderful Things,’  which has been performed in school.   Writing, Directing, teaching and performing will always excite John.